Dragon City

All you want to know about the facebook game Monster World. Tips, player guide and even cheats and hacks

Dragon City - All you want to know about the facebook game Monster World. Tips, player guide and even cheats and hacks

Dragon City How To Play

Essential Instructions on How to Play Dragon City on Facebook

In Facebook, nobody can stop the striking game apps particularly when it comes to playing online games. Facebook, being adventurous is ranked number one. Launching one of its breathtaking games is ‘Dragon City.’Here are some important guide on how to play it fruitfully.

First, you must log-in to Facebook page and wait for the game to load and open by itself. Before this, check that you have Java-script and flash player in your gadget that is updated. The play screen starts on and you should click ‘play’. As soon as the main screen switch on, you will see the scenery of Dragons. Click ‘build’ at the bottom bar and afterwards ‘Dragons’ to distinguish the record of existing dragons and click your preference to acquire its egg in trading of its particular amount of golds or gems. Keep in mind that each time you create a good deal of anything or perform something innovative, you will earn bonus golds. To begin producing it, click on the hatchery and then click ‘hatch’ in the bottom bar that shows. At the moment your new bay dragon is born. Before this, you must have generated a suitable habitat by clicking build->habitat->the habitat according to your dragon type. Put your newborn dragon to its habitat and it will set off shifting and playing immediately. Now go to build->buildings->Food farms to make your food manufacture. Raise and keep a supply of as many foods as you can to provide for your dragons at least up to level 4 to start breeding. Click build->buildings->breeding stacks to produce a lovely mating habitat for your dragon couples. Go one building suitable habitats and breeding them. Keep performing the same if you have adequate space on your island. While you have no more land, you need to go to build->expand->select your preference from accessible types to widen your vicinity to manage all your dragons to shift and live liberally. Click build->decorations-> select items to embellish your island.

To visit neighbors, click the ‘DEUS’ icon at the bottom bar and then click ‘visit’ to embark on your friends islands and gather gems. To start a battle between you and your friends’ dragons, move the earth symbol in the bottom bar and then click ‘combat’ to come into the playoffs arena and participate the bout with spirit. Well, if you are a beginner and are mystified in the middle of the game, you can request all your friends to assist you and go on further. Basically click ‘invite’ in the bottom bar and then choose your chums whom you desire to support you. Your buddies will be informed and connect you in the deed promptly, Make certain you and all your companions are online at that very moment.

It is commendable that you include as many friends as you can for fully stimulation and enjoyment. At any moment, if you experience complexity, then click the ‘community’ tab to confer your concern. Another brilliant point to jot down is that you can trade all your dragons, un-hatched eggs and other hoards at any moment of the game and control your revenue of golds and gems!

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